Hidden Worlds

Hunting for Quarks in Ordinary Matter

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Princeton University Press

Hardbound: 2003
Paperback: 2005

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"Smith gives us a series of extremely readable and well-chosen analogies to explain the science. His relaxed style makes for an enjoyable read .... [A] useful addition to the popular literature on particle physics-"
-Alan Marlin, New Scientist
"This book explains, using diverse means, the quark model of the proton and neutron. It sketches the his- tory of the quark idea and succeeds in explaining to nonphysicists why physicists believe in quarks even though a single quark has never been observed. I really like this book, which will serve important purposes."
-Gerald A. Millet, University of Washington
" [A] satisfying account of the physics of quarks... Smith conveys a clear picture of contemporary research and gives a well-articulated perspective from which to view modern nuclear and particle physics. Particularly noteworthy is the fine balance between the discussions of theory and experiment."