Long Terk II - 2006 - Long Trail 2 - June 25th - 28th
Pretty Pink Ponies (P3) Origami PenguinsAdults
Nick O'Leary Paul Fitzmaurice Tim Smith
Will Smith Steve Desaulniers John Jayne
Markus Lithell Connor O'Leary Kevin Kerin
Chris Jayne Robin Smith Ebo de Muinck
David Danna Billy Kerin Ted Simpson
Ari Brown David Desaulniers George Desaulniers
Paul Thompson Oli Simpson Bill Brown
Hidde de Muinck - -

Sunday - June 25, 2006
Hanover to Pico Camp

We met at the community center at 9:00. All boys except one were there and we were ready by 9:30. He apparently thought we were leaving at 1:00. We left at 9:40, with the last scout meeting us at the alpine slide at Pico.

The alpine slide was closed, and so with our whole crew at 11:45 we headed up the trail. David Desauliners is having a hard time. We shifted some weight out of his pack and readjusted his pack straps.

We stopped for lunch of bagels and either ham or turkey and apples. We have split into two "crews". Paul Fitz is crew chief of the Pretty Pink Ponies (or P3) and Nick O'Leary leads the Origami Penguins.

Stopped at Churchill Scott Shelter (2:00-2:30) for a half hour break. David is at a low point.

Onward and upward. We reached Jungle Junction at about 4:00 and then Pico Camp @ 4:30. Pico Camp is devoid of level ground. There is a cabin here where eight scouts will spend tonight.

Pasta and sauce for supper and then a hike up to Pico Peak. We can see all the peaks of last year's hike from here. Back at camp Paul T. got the Gicks and David Colter on his ham Radio.

Lights out tonight at 10:00 (I hope - it is 9:45 now).

Monday - June 26, 2006
Pico Camp to Gov Clements Shelter

This has been a hard day. It started raining shortly after I went to bed last night and continued until dark tonight. I awoke at 1:00 am because of rain water in my tent. My tent was pitched in a hallow between some trees because of a lack of level and clear sites. Since my tent was so crooked, water puddled on it and leaked in.

I awoke again at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, & 6:00 to find new puddles. Finally I got out of bed and rigged a little "cooking tarp" with my ground cloth. Getting people going in the rain is not easy.

We didn't start at 8:00 as planned. We did finally get out at 9:15. It was pouring. David Desauliner was in much better spirits. Still it was steady work to Cooper Lodge, where we stopped in the shelter to have lunch. Peanut butter and jelly on pita bread. This was well enjoyed.

A few of us made the side trip up to the peak of Killington. I was glad that we could leave our packs at Cooper Lodge Shelter. The ascent was almost a staircase!

The top was shrouded in clouds, and the wind whistled through the radio mast and dwarf trees. After descending we shouldered our packs and headed south @ 12:30.

We kept up a good pace past Little Killington and the Shrewsbury Peak Trail. But then there was half a mile of trees down which has tangled and uprooted part of the trail. This was hard going.

Connor slipped on a wet root and banged his knee. So others (mainly Robin and Ari - who are racing ahead) carried his pack for half a mile until he recovered.

At about 3:30 we arrived at Gov Clements Shelter. There are already 3 people in it, including a former Scoutmaster from Brooklyn, NY. Eventually we had 8 non-scouts in the shelter. Three of them were at Clarendon Shelter (6 miles south), but turned it over to Troop 18. We promised them space inside.

"Pasta Sides" for supper.

This shelter has a fire place. It was hard getting the fire started in the rain - but eventually we did. Ebo arrived at about 8:00. The rain stopped at 9:00. We had our "Thorns and Roses" session and have all headed to bed earlier tonight.

Tuesday - June 27, 2006
Gov Clements Shelter to Minerva Hinchey Shelter

Dawn was grey but dry. I think we all woke up a bit afraid that if we talked about the weather too much it might start to rain again.

I strung a line and hung Everything I had on it. A few of the other hikers in the shelter were up and packing before our boys started to move. We have over nine miles today. I would like to be over the ford before we meet Troop 18 (Connecticut). Regina de Muinck will be coming in at about 9:00 with Ebo's boots. Paul Thompson says he is still sick. Steve Desauliner has twisted his ankle. David Desauliner wants to stay with Steve. And David Danna seems to have some very intense warts which is stopping his walking. These four head back to Hanover with Regina.

We have our Breakfast and hot chocolate and shoulder our packs at 9:30.

We cross Upper Cold River Road, and have just started fording the Cold River when Troop 18 showed up on the other side. We crossed over and talked with them for awhile.

Then it is on to Cold River Rd. At noon a number of boys are ready to stop - but we have only covered 3 miles. We agree to push on to 1:00, and then decide to aim for Clarendon Shelter.

En route we fond a place where someone leaves soda for long distance hikers. The sodas where in the stream to keep cold.

Clarendon Shelter was nice. The whole day is turning out to be nice. Crunchy peanut butter and jelly on pita bread.

There is a very steep drop to Rt 103 and Clarendon Gorge. We all had fun swimming in the Gorge - letting the current rush us down the Mill River.

It was 5:00 before we started our last section of the day. Up and up to a ridge which overlooks Clarendon and Rutland Airport. Along the top on a ridge, with a warm breeze was a beautiful walk. And finally Minerva Hinchey.

The shelter had three hikers in it. But it is a beautiful night for tents. Also there is a group of girls and their counselors also camping.

Rice-a-Roni and chicken tonight. I like it a lot! It was getting dark by the time we were done with dinner, and most of the boys had drifted over to the girl's campfire (one girl tried her Dutch on Hidde. But it was soon time for us to do "thorns and Roses" and go to bed. They had the same tradition - so the scouts and girls did it together.

And then to bed - in a dry tent and sleeping bag!

Wednesday June 28, 2006
Minerva Hinchy Shelter to Greenwall Shelter to Trail's End

It was pouring when we got up. The girls from the Farm & Wilderness camp have already packed up and left. Spirits have fallen dramatically. Paul Fitz. has no rain coat, one shirt and it is wet.

We packed up and hit the trail. We have a food drop on Rt. 140 today and Oli and Ted Simpson will join us at that time. With yesterday's sun I had hoped we would be up beat at this point. Still on we go slogging up Bear Mtn and then down to Rt. 140.

We got to the highway at about 11:00, the food drop is at noon. So we rigged a shelter out of the flys of our tents. The boys are determined to terminate the hike here. They also cook up a large pot of hot chocolate under the fly. Kevin Kerin is also going out at here.

At noon the Simpsons arrive and Kevin leaves. Ted and Oli Try to raise people's spirits - and I find that I am not much help. We have do not have enough vehicles here now - so the crew agrees to hike to Greenwall Shelter & discuss our options. It still rains.

At Greenwall, after a long discussion it is decided to end the trip here. I remember that it was finally Chris Jayne who finally summed up the crews feelings - even though he wanted to to continue - and said we should stop. I told them that better then a majority vote - they had arrived at a consensus.

We have a lot of food! So we resupplied the hikers in the shelter, cheese, pasta, even fuel. Ted called Hanover on his cell, and an hour later we hiked back down to Rt. 140.

Wet and tired - and wet, we headed back to Hanover.

Day 1 to Pico 5.0 miles
Day 2 Pico - Gov. Clements 7.7 miles
Day 3 Gov. Clements - Minerva Hinchey 9.5 miles
Day 4 Minerva Hinchey - Greenwall - Rt 140 7.4 miles
- - 29.6 miles