Reports from Sweden 1 - March 18, 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello from Stockholm,

Our flight over was so completely event-less that I'll skip writing about it. We got to our apartment at about noon Friday. Nickolay and Goran, the two scientist Kristina will be working with, dropped in on us and brought food!! In the afternoon we walked over to Robin's school, "Rodabergs skolan" (, which is about 300-400 meters away. Then we walked to the old city, about 2 km.

Saturday morning was a half-day of school for Robin, and an open house, so Kristina and I went to English, Science and gym class with him. His school has one English speaking class per year. The gym class was fun to watch. First they played soccer (football) while kids and parents arrived, and Robin had a chance to show a bit of talent. They they had a "Folk Dance", which was a good way of Robin breaking into the class.

After lunch Nickolay stopped by and lent Will a guitar (he is happier now). Kristina and I walked to her lab, which is about 1 - 1.5 km away at KTH (Royal Technical Institute), and then we walked to an open air market downtown and home.

Today (Sunday) we set out to find Will's school. He will be taking the subway and/or bus to school because it is about 2 miles. His school is the "Kungsholmens gymnasium" ( It is a very impressive looking place which host the IB ("International Baccalaureate") program as well as a music magnet school. We then walked by City Hall (where they hand out the Nobel prize), through the old city (where the attached photos are), and then took the bus and subway home.

All is well here.