Reports from Sweden 2 - March 26, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello from Stockholm,

Last Monday Will started school at Kungsholmens gymnasium. Robin and I went with him to get him started. They were all set to get Will into 10th grade (IB-1), but after looking over what he has been doing in Hanover they decided to bump him up to the 11th grade (IB-2). Robin had the day off since he had school last Saturday. So Robin and I went to see the "Vasa". This is a ship which sunk in 1628 and was recently raised. (Vasa1.jpg, Vasa2.jpg) We then went to the old town, to the cathedral, and then met Will.

Most of the rest of the week has settled down to a pattern with the boys going to school (Will now has a school transit pass so he can go anywhere), Kristina at KTH (Royal Technical Institute) and I go to a library to write. I've spend a bunch of time at the city library and the KTH library.

On Wednesday evening Robin and I went to the Palace and watched a World Cup Cross Country Skiing Sprint Race. They trucked in tons of snow and build a 1 km. strip of snow around the palace.

Saturday we went to the Armory, the Music Museum and the "Hard Rock Cafe", which is five blocks from us. (HardRock.jpg)

On Sunday the sun came out (we have had a week of gray days)! Robin, Kristina and I meet Nickolay and his two children, Stephan and little Kristina. Kristina works with Nickolay, and three years ago he was her post-doc in Hanover. (SundayHotDog.jpg - Robin, Kristina, Stephan, Nickolay, little Kristina).

The big news of this next week is that Robin and I are going to watch the Brazilian and Ghana Nation Futboll (Soccer) teams play each (Ticket.jpg). Brazil may be the best team in the world!




Hard Rock Cafa

Sunday Hot Dogs

Ticket to Brazil Ghana "Fotboll"