Reports from Sweden 3 - April 3, 2007

Sunday April 1, 2007

Hello Everyone,

It is hard to believe that things have settled down so soon and so easily. Robin and Kristina have been to "cooking class" twice (pizza 1st week, curry the 2nd week). Will plays the guitar a lot. Most evenings while supper is being cooked Robin goes out in front of the apartment and dribbles the soccer ball around until he is surrounded by 6-8 kids, ages ~8. Robin then organizes them into a team, and takes them all on. He tells, "it really is hard, I have to not run over any of them, and I have to let them sore enough so they want to play more."

Speaking of soccer, Robin and I saw Brazil play Ghana on Tuesday night. The end score was 1-0 Brazil. That sounds like a slow game, but I have never seen such amazing ball handling! I asked Robin how the "New England Revolutions" would compare. He says the Revolutions would have been destroyed. He went on to tell me that only two of the Revolution plays would have not looked foolish in this game.

On Thursday I got to spend the after at the old Stockholm observatory. It is now a museum for the Swedish Academy of science. In my writing I am working on a section about star magnitude and so wanted to ask them some question about old telescopes. They showed me a large number dating back to 1750, and told me that they could get a Herschel scope out of storage if I would like (I would have loved to see it, but I do not think it would help).

I have been running next to Brunnsviken. This is a lake which is about 200 meters from our apartment. Each day I have run 1-2 kms more, so I ran 9 km yesterday. It is 12 km all the way around the lake.

Will and Kristina explored yesterday while Robin and I fixed a bike we have borrowed. Today we went to a butterfly house in Hagaparken, about a mile north of here on the shores of Brunnsviken. It was hot inside the house.


Fotball - Brazil - Ghana
(from a local magazine)

Stockholm Observatory

1750's telescope
(from their website)

Tim & Kristina
at the Butterfly House

(By Robin)